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Started in 1880, the garden lies on the slopes of the hills surrounding the villa. Unlike many traditional parks prevail in the bushes, grouped in groves (camellias, rhododendrons and osmanthus) and shrubs (azaleas), while coniferous forests grouped into (among them, the Caucasian) act as a backdrop.

The garden is so bright, and offers many perspectives on the lake and the island of St. Giulio. The blooms are year-round, alternating roses (May-October), osmanthus (September-October), winter camellias (sasanqua) Camellia spring (japonica, reticulata, cuspidata, Williams and other hybrids), rhododendrons and azaleas. Among the large plants, a hybrid rhododendron tree about fifty feet high, the collection of camellias, and, especially, the hedgerows of hundreds of pink azaleas, more than fifty years old, which bloom every year around May 10th.

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