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The Villa was built in the late Nineteenth Century by Mr. Gallini (a gentleman from Turin) in the Moresque - Italianate style, very fashionable after the opening of Suez Channel. In 1921 it was purchased by Giacinto Motta (1870-1943). Professor of Industrial Engineering in Milano and Member of Parlament, from 1916 to 1940 he was CEO of Edison, the largest Italian corporation in the power business; in 1940 Giacinto was appointed Count by Pope Pius XII.

The Villa came to his son Galileo (1906 -1988) and finally to his grandchild Gianmario. The current shape of the Villa reflects a series of additions. In Twenties the second floor was added and the terrace on the lake was extended and joined to the Villa. In the Thirties the south wing was built and the Villa finally took the current look. After a severe whirlwind in 1979, the garden was restored by the current landlord Gianmario Motta, a recognized collector of camellias and rhododendrons, with the objective of an almost continuous year-round flower season.

Plant Flowering period Camellia sasanqua October to early March Camellia japonica Late March to early April Rhododendron Late April to late May Azalea Early May